Healthcare is a sector that needs innovation. Health insurance companies, providers, life science companies and governments are confronted with rising costs and suboptimal treatment outcomes. They are working to improve care and health services and at the same time try to reduce costs and expenses. Innovation is the key answer to improve Innovation – especially in tools & technologies – is a response to improve this situation – not least for the citizen.
We have identified mayor trends – also from the other sessions – especially in other branches which will become relevant for health application.

In our session we want to draw a “Tools & Technologies Roadmap for Healthcare” and show with examples how RTO`Ss and entrepreneurs could drive the future.


Patrick Boisseau, Deputy Head Of Division, European Affairs, Programme Manager in Nanomedicine, CEA-Leti

Dr Furio GRAMATICA (Foundation Don Gnocchi, IT): The Innovation Loop in clinical setting

Dr Yves BAYON (Medtronic, FR): Open Innovation on Health Technologies

Dr Albert van den BERG (Mesa+/Uni Twente, NL): Human avatars to prevent and cure diseases

Dr Albert Van der STEEN (TNA, NL)