Sergio Barbarino

Procter & Gamble

Research Fellow

Sergio Barbarino leads the Open Innovation Team of the Procter & Gamble Innovation Center in Brussels. Sergio is also the Chairperson of ALICE, the EU Innovation Platform for Logistic aimed at realizing the Physical Internet.

Sergio has a master degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Napoli Federico II and a MBA from the Solvay Business School in Brussels. In 2007, he created the Supply Network Innovation Center within Procter & Gamble of which he was the Scientific coordinator for 10 years.

Sergio has developed the manufacturing Processes of many well-known P&G Brands (e.g. Mr. Clean, Viakal) and has been the chief designer for P&G of Innovative Liquid Manufacturing systems for developing markets. He has been the scientific leader of two EU FP7 projects in the logistics sector and represented P&G in large collaborative projects in the chemical engineering domain. Sergio has also been Visiting professor – among others – at the Ecole des Mines de Paris, the City University of London, Laval University Quebec, Solvay Brussels School, ZLC Zaragoza.