Jörg Amelung

Research Fab Microelectronics Germany

Managing Director

 Jörg Amelung received his diploma in physics from the University of Duisburg, Germany, in 1993. In the same year, he joined the Fraunhofer Society in the field microsystem sensor technology.

Since 1999 he was responsible for the OLED activities and the COMEDD (Center for Organic Materials and Electronic Devices Dresden) inside the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden, Germany.

In 2009 he founded LEDON OLED Lighting, a joint venture of Zumtobel and the Fraunhofer Society, and was the General Manager of the company.

Since April 2017 he is responsible for the new founded Research Fab Microelectronics Germany, a cooperation between the Fraunhofer Society and the Leibniz Society.