Intuitive Robotic Telemanipulation


Advanced robotic telemanipulation system with haptic feedback. It consists of a robot equipped with a claw for manipulation of objects. The movement is controlled by a person, remotely, through a joystick (fixed to a pole), which can receive the feeling of power and applied force. TECNALIA has developed this system for handling applications in environments that are dangerous for people, such as in space, chemical and nuclear facilities, or that require much precision as in surgery.
[DEMO: It is a robotized telehandling system. The user is at the table where a PC is available and only joystick. The robot is located next to the table, on a base, and is provided with a claw with fingers, for collectibles. The robot+base is placed on a level of the ground. The user will control the movements of the robot and the opening and closing of the fingers of the claw, in order to catch objects that are in the radius of action of the robot. They can manipulate and leave them in different places, opening and closing the claw and moving the arm. The objective is to demonstrate the intuitive movement of the task for manipulation of objects in remote or dangerous places (radioactive environments, chemical, catastrophic zones, etc.). In the demonstration of the fair, the user has a direct vision of the arm, but in actual environments, the floor can be on mobile platforms or be confined in closed environments (by radiation, etc.). In actual environments, the robotic robot will have cameras to transmit the image of the scene to the operator, who will receive stereo images in order to move the robot accurately.