Dr.-Ing. Alexander Stolz

Fraunhofer Institute

Safety Technologies and Protective Structures

Dr.-Ing. Alexander Stolz studied civil engineering at University of Wuppertal and wrote his doctoral thesis about mobilization of bedding stresses in granular soil at the Professorship for Geotechnique.

As head of the business unit security and the head of the department Safety Technologies and Protective Structures he is specialized in the experimental investigation and numerical modeling of materials, components and structures under dynamic loads. Additionally, he is substantial experienced in the contribution and management ofnational and European research projects, amongst are SKRIPT (Security of bridges and Tunnels), AURIS (Autonomous risk and information system for structural analysis and monitoring of critical

infrastructure) and SPRIRIT (Safety and Protection of built Infrastructure to Resist Integral Threats).

Currently Dr. Stolz coordinates the Thematic Group “Resistance of structures to explosion effects” in

the ERNCIP (European Reference network for Critical Infrastructure protection) framework and is since this year also appointed international member of the ABR10 Committee on Critical Infrastructure Protection.