Robotics is increasingly playing an important role in industry and in society in general. It is essentially a cross-sectional topic, offering solutions for a number of domains, from healthcare to manufacturing to infrastructure, and is itself the science of integration, drawing upon a wide range of disciplines, from mechanical and electrical engineering to computer science and artificial intelligence. In this session we will focus on the following issues:

  • What is robotics and how does it relate to AI?
  • Why is robotics beneficial to Europe and important for society?
  • What role do RTOs play in the context of robotics? How are they supporting the development of next generation systems and pushing their deployment in the real world?
  • What topics are important for robotics from the perspective of FP9?

We will hear perspectives on these topics from 2 robotics experts from leading RTOs and through a panel Q&A session with members of industry working with robotics, from SMEs developing robotics components, robotics manufacturers, and end-users of robotics.


José Saenz, Senior Research Scientist, Fraunhofer IFF
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Kurt Nielsen, Director, Robot Technology, Danish Technological Institute
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Jon Aguirre Ibarbia, Head of Strategic Research Programmes for Manufacturing & Robotics, TECNALIA Research & Innovation
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Dipl.-Ing., M.S. Martin Haegele, Division Director Intelligent Automation and Clean Manufacturing, Fraunhofer IPA
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Dr. Bernd Liepert, Chief Innovation Officer, KUKA AG,

Dr. Michael Suppa – Roboception GmbH
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Niels Jul Jacobsen, CSO, Mobile Industrial Robots Aps
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