Biological Transformation involves changes similarly profound as the digital transformation for economies and societies around the globe. The systematic application of principles, resources and processes of nature in technology will enable entire new technological solutions and high-tech markets, leading to far-reaching social and economic change processes. Biological Transformation is empowered by progress in life sciences, advances in digitalization, as well as in material and production sciences. Essential challenges of today‘s societies can finally be addressed – with sustainable growth strategies and lasting efficiency that affects all areas of value creation.

Anne Maria Hansen, Innovation Director, Danish Technological Institute
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Anne Christine S. Hastrup, Doctor, Cand. Scient. Microbiology, Head of Section, Danish Technological Institute

Dr. Lars Jørgensen, Senior Consultant, DTI
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Patrick Dieckhoff, Head of Science Policy Department, Headquarters of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
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Johannes F. Buyel, Dr. Dr.-Ing., head of department, Fraunhofer IME